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NSTC049: Diskette : Kite EP

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"Diskette Goes To Vinyl Skies EP"

Expect emotionally captivating melodies, slick synths and solid grooves.

After the 2019 release Kite EP, the Russian based artist Diskette, returns to No Static. Nikita Kropachev, who also is known for his releases on Soviett Records, drops a three track EP entitled 'Diskette Goes To Vinyl Skies'
Expect emotionally captivating melodies, slick synths and solid grooves.
The release beginnings with the sublime 'Vinyl Skies'. This superb track captures a special mood with warm analogue tones, tasteful atmospheric synths and chunky percussion. The track keeps you engaged as it progressively builds layer by layer, becoming most powerful towards the later half of the track. This psychedelic journey is sure to captivate the dance floor.
Keeping things moving forward and a diving a little deeper Diskette delivers 'Nine Lines'. This track has a cosmic synth arpeggio, that adds movement to the track, rising and falling in intensity. Thick sub bass joined with the synth pads, help glide this track along to new dimensions. The dreamy breakdown is almost angelic with echoing
vocal samples and water field recordings.
Rounding off the release, we have the soul-stirring 'Sakhalin'. This powerful, yet delicate track would melt many hearts towards the end of a set. The motivating synth melody keeps you locked in, whilst the light percussion and drums keep the rhythm moving. The fanciful and almost dolphin like tones, glide across the stereo field, creating a thick atmosphere.
Diskette has struck gold with this release.

Written & Produced by Nikita Kropachev.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2021 No Static Recordings

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