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One Era
"The Climb In EP"

The multi-instrumentalist Matt Coogan is back again with the release of 'The Climb In' EP.

The Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist Matt Coogan (One Era) has evolved musically over the years; he was first spotted playing guitar, keys, drums and bass for Rock, Indie and Electronic bands until he found the world of computer music production which marked the shift in his career. Matt's remix work for the popular American indie synth duo 'Work Drugs' caught the attention of Parliament-Funkadelic stalwart Chuck Da Fonk Fishman in 2013. Fishman created the group FSQ around Matt's very unique Caribbean Disco sound. Members of this group include 7 time nominated Grammy producer GKoop who works with the likes of Drake and Nelly.
Matt splits his time between FSQ and projects like Solus and One Era, on which he writes with friends and collaborators. Unlike its name suggests, One Era's sound transcends time. You can hear One Era's pocketed production work on FSQ's 'Zulu Congo Call' (One Era Remix), 'I Zimbra', and 'Break The Funk'. One Era's 2012 full length debut album is a slick nudisco work out and features the artist as a dream pop lyricist and lead vocalist. Titled 'We Repeat', it's not to be missed. Since then, he's been immersed in remix work and participating in FSQ, so now it's Matt's turn to shine again as One Era.
His sophomore solo release and debut for No Static - the aptly titled 'Climb In' EP - meanwhile takes an instrumental only turn that's the perfect soundtrack for a Balearic adventure. The Nu Disco Dance EP includes four multifarious tracks: 'Duppy Hop' is nothing if not an electronic bop. Its space-age feel is stimulating and innovative, and the subtle shifts take you through countless dimensions before the track comes to a close. The title track 'Climb in' wanders backwards slightly from the ultramodern, offering a sophisticated, trendy tune. One Era doesn't fail to ensure variety in this EP; the final two tracks 'Double Shuffled' and 'The Pull' are laid-back, slinky pleasures, with groovy entwining synths which ebb and flow.
Beyond 'Climb In', Matt will continue his prolific production streak. Next up is more work for Nang, including a remix for a legendary duo - DJ Rocca and Dmitri from Paris. One Era takes the duo's collaboration called 'Stone Town' and evolves the original from a 1980s style Latin boogie funk tune into a bright modern afro-beat jam.

Written & Produced by Matt Coogan.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2019 No Static Recordings

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