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Ilya Santana
"Joy Of Life"

Ilya Santana, the aural wizard, stikes back again this time with a with a very original EP out on No Static.
The EP is called Joy Of Life and features two tracks, the first is Ilya's original whereas the second one celebrates the co-creation between the Canarian producer and the eastern European BlueAzure.
Ilya Santana takes a very new direction with this Joy Of Life EP, the first track with its extremely elegant sounds is a real pearl. It surprises with its calm and flawless orchestration. Nothing in Santana's repertoire sounds like it.
BlueAzure, drawing from the North Pacific atmospheres of the original, redesigned the track specifically for the dance floor, always with his peculiar 80s taste.

Written by Ilya Santana.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) 2016 No Static Recordings
(C) 2016 No Static Recordings

1. Joy Of Life
2. Joy Of Life [BlueAzure Remix]