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Neon Heat

Neon Heat is the snappy alternate name for Robbie Dunne, one half of Dublin based JMRS. Following up a couple of singles on our sister label Nang ("The Book" and "Only A Feeling" with Oasis / Beady Eye / Ride stalwart Andy Bell) Robbie decamps to Sweden for his alternate project Neon Heat. Robbie owns a studio in Runemo, Northern Sweden. The Neon Heat project unsurprisingly takes a slightly more downtempo feel to the JMRS output and even adds a slightly leftfield feel.
The track "Suparinpei" comes in two flavors. Part 1 is synth laden, quirky and reminiscent of some of Robbies 80s influences (early Heaven 17 or Yellow Magic Orchestra). Part 2 takes a slightly more dancefloor feel adding in slap bass, stabby synths and bags of groove.

Written and Produced by Robbie Dunne
Published by Dharma Songs
Recorded at Lake Malvik Studio Sweden
(P) and (C) 2015 No Static Recordings

1. Suparinpei Part 1
2. Suparinpei Part 2