Irregular Disco Workers

Irregular Disco Workers
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Irregular Disco Workers was founded in 2010 by Gregorio Assandri and Andrea Frittella. Even coming from different parts of Italy they are both genetically work addicted. With the help of the internet and their musical feeling, they manage their own record label Disco Volante Records, and they've released tracks on a range of labels and with a range of artists. From 2010 Irregular Disco Workers remixed artists like Lindstrom, Dario Piana, Gazeebo, Cosmonauts, Deep 88 The Units and more. They collaborated with artists like Hard Ton, Fred Ventura, I-Robots, Plastique De Reve, Anthony Mansfield, Ummagma and with labels such as Feedelity, Nang, Bordello A Parigi, Opilec, Rare Wiri, Gazeebo and Emerald & Doreen. The dancefloor policy of Irregular Disco Workers is oriented on a powerful mixture between Disco, House and Electronica.They play in clubs in Verona, Firenze, Paris, Moscow.

Releases: NSTC025: Irregular Disco Workers , FtHenri: Yesterday