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Brooklyn-based Disco Band.

Escort, 'Brooklyn's finest disco orchestra', was founded by producers Eugene Cho and Dan Balis, and is fronted by lead singer Adeline Michèle. Initially known for a series of critically-acclaimed 12" singles, Escort is now just as well known for their uncompromising live performances. The New York Post and Time Out NYC both described Escort as the 'city's best live band', Pitchfork described their single 'All Through the Night' as 'one of the best New York disco tracks since West End Records' early 1980s heyday', and Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears proclaims 'It's the best disco music you've ever heard'. Also recognized for their remixes of artists including Tracey Thorn, Antena, and Feist.

Releases: NSTC005: Escort : Escort Remixed
NSTC013: Escort : Escort (The Instrumentals)
Tracks: Escort : Starlight (RAC Remix)
Escort : Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Remix)
Escort : Why Oh Why (Pound Sterling Remix)
Escort : Cam�leon Chameleon (Club Mix)
Escort : Forever (Escort Remix Instrumental)
Escort : Makeover (JKriv Remix)
Escort : All Through The Night (Sub Swara Remix)
Escort : Starlight (Max Essa Remix)
Escort : Caméleon Chameleon (Black Russian Remix)
Escort : Karawane (Leftside Wobble Mix)
Escort : Cam�leon Chameleon (Proper Heat Remix)
Escort : All Through The Night (Venice Beach Remix)
Escort : Cocaine Blues (Mama's Gonna Chop You Out Remix by Ewan Pearson)
Escort : Cam�leon Chameleon (Instrumental)
Escort : Cocaine Blues (Instrumental)
Escort : Makeover (Instrumental)
Escort : A Sailboat In The Moonlight (Instrumental)
Escort : Why Oh Why (Instrumental)
Escort : Starlight (Instrumental)
Escort : A Bright New Life (Instrumental)
Escort : All Through The Night (Instrumental)
Escort : Love in Indigo (Instrumental)
Escort : All That She Is (Instrumental)
Escort : Karawane (Instrumental)
Escort : Why Oh Why (Pound Sterling Remix Instrumental)