Our Discography

Catalog Number Artist Release Name
NSTC037 Taras3000 Piano Bar & Spring Hero
NSTC036 Eriq Johnson Stick Up
NSTC035 Italo Brutalo Avion & Spy In The Sky
NSTC034 Romain Bezzina Late Night Dance & Special Phone Number
NSTC033 TV Players Ignition
NSTC032 Hiem Japanese Motor Car
NSTC031 Nanka It's Over (Remixes)
NSTC030 Bestinspace Freedom Ltd
NSTC029 Folano Begin
NSTC028 Hot Hot Hawk Tell Me
NSTC027 Ilya Santana Joy Of Life
NSTC026 Tonbe I Wish
NSTC025 Irregular Disco Workers Yesterday
NSTC024 Rimini Sunset Kus
NSTC023 Neon Heat Suparinpei
NSTC021 James Rod Starke And Hatch
NSTC020 Electric Zeus Let Yourself Go
NSTC019 Headpocket Through The Round Window
NSTC018 Je Couleur Space Dancer
NSTC017 Situation Visions
NSTC016 Various Artists VCO '80 (Voyage en France)
NSTC015 Astro Bob Fisketur
NSTC014 Disco Doubles The Shakes
NSTC013 Escort Escort (The Instrumentals)
NSTC012 Almunia Cassandra's Dream
NSTC011 Evol Ai Zakai
NSTC010 Easy M Snow Queen
NSTC009 Situation Secret Situation
NSTC008 Inigo & Dan Solo La Nueva Era & Agente Quintero
NSTC005 Escort Escort Remixed
NSTC004 5 Reasons Miami Sunset EP
NSTC003 Disco Doubles Satellite Of Love
NSTC002 Cosmonaut Grechko EE & Travel North